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I'm so tired.

I'm sure you all heard the complaint said around the world "I'm so tired"  by moms, especially new moms, being tired but man it's no joke. I'm sure there will be light at the end of the long 18 year tunnel but for now taking it day by day seems like the only sane thing to do. Perhaps, I've taken on too much at once. 

Some of things going on in my life, in no particular order.

- Trying to design and launch a new blog, this one, while trying to consistently create content.

- Move into and furnish a new studio.  Yes, I signed a lease to a new makeup/photos studio that will be all mine, with a studio mate. Now, cleaning, organizing, furnishing, decorating a new space is kind of a lot to take on.

- Gearing up for wedding season. I guess wedding season has somewhat commenced.  So, signing the lease on the new space, moving in a day before 3 full days of work plus 2 celebrations.  It took about 2 days for my body to fully recover.

- Trying to redo my website. It might not seem so but man does that take up a lot of time. A lot. Not to mention lots of "disagreements" with hubby.

- Trying to maintain an orderly household.  Operative word is trying. I've not quite mastered this yet or will I ever.  Every time I think the house is in ok condition, I turn around it's turned upside down again.

- Raising the most sweetest little boy who lifts me up at the flash of a smile but also has the power to tear me down with one fussy spell.

- Looking for childcare options for Loki, not as easy as I expected. 

Each individual item I listed isn't so hard to manage by it self but if thrown on top of a million other things, it's the juggling of each moving part that I find hardest to maintain.  Might I add, having only a 2.5 hour window, during Loki's nap time,  to achieve said tasks, mostly without the help of childcare, is the real icing on the cake.  And because I've taken on so much, the mom guilt is in overdrive because I don't feel like I'm giving him my 100%. 

I'm hoping once I'm settled in my space, have a good system going I'm able to tackle more of my creative ideas and be a better mom and wife.  But until then, I guess this is the joy of parenting and running your own business.

If any moms out there have a secret sauce to this parenting thing, I gladly take all the advice in exchange for Tequila. Lots and lots of Tequila.




Welcome to AnotherFrigganBlog!

Once upon a time when blogging was still cool, I had a blog. I posted outfit photos and some beauty reviews. Things I thought you’re suppose to post about on blogs. Things I generally gravitated towards on other blog but when it came to creating content of that type, for me, it was very bland. It didn’t quite feel like me nor did it have a unique voice.  It seemed as if I was swimming to emulate another. I like makeup but I wasn’t the reviewing type. I like clothes, fashion and other nice things but I also didn't think I was the "fashionable" type so for me to write about it didn't quite feel natural.  But with that kind of a blog, an incessant need to shop and stay up to date on the latest things and IT pieces were definitely weighing heavily on me and my credit card. Ultimately, since I wasn’t so into the content and posting became a chore, and my bank account can only take so many dings, I let it fall by the wayside =.

Come blog v2.0., a new name, a new face and, hopefully, a refreshingly new point of view of my new life.  It will be an all encompassing blog of me and my baby, Loki, my life and the (in)valuable lessons I gain as I navigate this journey through motherhood, marriage, career, travel and life my  hope is ultimately to help or relate to those who are going through a similar journey.

If you're wondering how I came up with this blog name, Loki is the Norse God of Mischief. Frigga is Loki's mom in Norse Mythology.  I wanted to play on the fact that I, Loki's mom, will share my life, stories, mommy content, random ramblings and ultimately it is just another blog. 

Stay tuned for my insightly profound wisdom and some photos of Loki. Well, probably more photos of Loki.

Thanks for stopping by and following along